Monday, October 18, 2010

Creation Centred Spirituality

The Celts had an awesome awareness of the Presence of God all about them, within and without.  Many of the prayers and poems collected from ancient sources reflect this. The whole of creation was considered to demonstrate and proclaim the creator who could be seen in all things, places and situations. This was far different from the pantheistic concepts of their pagan contemporaries, who worshipped the gods of rivers, mountains, winds and sun etc. But it was a thoroughly Biblical understanding of God, His presence and our relationship with Him.

As Ian Bradley puts it: ("The Celtic Way" Ian Bradley)

[Our Celtic Christian forebears] "did espouse quite unashamedly and unconsciously what would nowadays be called a creation-centred spirituality. The God whom they worshipped was not conceived of primarily as the Lord of history, as in so much later Western theology, but rather as the Lord of Creation, the one who has revealed himself most fully and characteristically in the wonders and splendours of the natural world. This was above all why they wanted to worship him."

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