Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prayers from Bede

"Good Jesus, as you have graciously allowed me here to drink in the sweetness of your word, so at the last, I pray, you will bring me into your presence, that I may listen to your voice which is the source of all wisdom, and watch your face forever. "
"Lord God, open my heart and illuminate it with the grace of your Holy Spirit.  By this grace may I always seek to do what is pleasing to you; direct my thoughts and feelings so that I may at last come to the unending joys of heaven.  Thus on earth may I keep your commandments, and so be worthy of your everlasting reward. "

"May your Spirit, O Christ, lead me in the right way, keeping me safe from all forces of evil and destruction.  And, free from all malice, may I search diligently in your Holy Word to discover with the eyes of my mind your commandments.  Finally, give me the strength of will to put those commandments into practice through all the days of my life." 

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