Thursday, June 16, 2011

Of Powys, the Paradise of Wales ~ Llywarch Hen

I was formerly fair of limb, I was eloquent in speech:
What is not wonderful will be extolled-
The men of Argoed have ever supported me.

I was formerly fair of limb, I was bold,
I was admitted into the congress-house
Of Powys, the paradise of Wales.

I was formerly fair of limb, I was comely;
Throbbing was concomitant with my spear:
My back (now) curved was first in vigour--I am heavy, I am wretched.

Wooden crook! is it not the time of harvest,
When the fern is brown, and the reeds are yellow?
I have I not once disliked what I now love!

Wooden crook! is not this winter,
When men are noisy over the beverage?
Is not my bedside void of greeting visits!

Llywarch Hen   9th Century

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