Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anglo-Saxon Verse ~ The Flood begins! Genesis XX

"Until the sons of God began to seek out wives
among the kindred of Cain, an accursed folk,
and they chose women there over the favor of the Maker,
the sons of man, women more wicked yet beautiful and fair.
Then spoke the Sovereign of the Skies, angry at mankind
and speaking these words: “They are not free from my punishment
in spirit, the progeny of Cain, but that kindred has sorely
enraged me. Now the children of Seth has renewed my anger
and take to themselves the women of my foes as mates.
The lovely women penetrate there troublesomely,
the beautiful faces of the ladies, and my eternal enemy
into the multitude of my people, when they were before 
in my protection.”

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  1. Intriguing. There's mention of Cain in Beowulf as well - a resurrection of the old Jewish myths of Lilith and Cain. Cain has a fascination - well beyond the Gen 4 narrative. Thanks for the post. Appreciated as ever. Shalom, Phil


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